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    CD tries to eject and then re-inserts itself into drive
    For my birthday over the Summer I received a mix tape from one of my friends as a gift, and I put it in my macbook to listen to. I didn't need to take the CD out until recently, so it's been in there for several months. I tried ejecting it, but it only makes a whirring noise. I know it's trying to eject, because it comes out (barely, not enough for me to be able to pull it out or something), and just goes back in as if I had just inserted it. I have been searching the forums for quite some time to get an answer, and I tried many of the tricks listed (i.e. holding the trackpad/eject button/F12 button after restart) but none of them worked. Is there anything I can do at home to get it out? I really would rather not go and have it looked at in the Apple Store, because the stores are a mess, but if I have to, I suppose I will. Thanks for any advice!

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    Not a good idea to leave media in the drive for that long without removing it. But I guess you now realize that. Do you have a needle nose pliers tool? Set the drive to eject and when the disk comes partially out, be ready to grip it with the needle nose and hold it fast. The mechanism will draw back in and you should be able to pull the disk out that way. The disk will probably be ruined but at least you'll get it out.

    Also, do a Google search on "How to remove stuck disk from Mac". You should come up with lots of hits including some videos on U-Tube.


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