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    Macbook (late 2009 model) boot up time
    I remember on the first couple days when I booted up my macbook, it reaches the log in screen at around 15 seconds or less. However, after I installed windows 7 via vmware fusion, the boot up time increased to around 30 seconds. Now I just removed fusion, the boot up time is still around 30 seconds. Is there any remedy for that? I'm not complaining for the wait, but I'm wondering why the boot up time has increased so significantly. Thanks in advance.

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    From a dead start my MBP takes 40 sec also everyones computer will show different
    times depending what it has to load on start up. Do you have multipe external drives and
    do you have your folders and files all on your desktop instead of your documents folder
    these will change your boot times.

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