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    Can I get credited for this....?white macbook problems

    I have had my white macbook (the non unibody one) for just over a year now and I do have apple care. Like many people with this macbook, mine has been chipping on the palm rest. I have taken my macbook in 3 times now and the casing has been replaced free of charge. Thankfully the free part is convenient but because I am a college student, the 2 week wait that I have to go through is not. Also the fact that I have had to drive 30 minutes every 5 months to an apple store isn't so great and stressful. I'm really getting fed up since now I yet again have to go in and have the casing replaced and this is what I am curious about...

    I want to ask apple if they can credit me at all for an upgrade to the white unibody. I feel that this is a stretch yet at the same time, understandable. My theory is that it is fact that it's apple's design flaw for the cracking...and me going in 10 more times over the life time of my mac, should cover the cost for them to credit me. Also, are they still going to have these replacement covers in the next year if I decide to keep my mac?

    I'm just so frustrated over this whole situation..I try so hard to be as gentle as I can with my mac and nothing works. I just want this to stop!


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    Since you have already tried taking your Mac to a shop it might be time for a different tack. I would suggest contacting Apple by phone and describing the issue and the steps you have already taken to resolve this issue. I can't guarantee they will replace your Mac but it is worth a shot.
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    If your Mac has been sent away 3 times for the same problem it is def. time for a call to Applecare. Be polite and calm, explain your case, and tell them that you are not happy with sending your computer off again. Give the rep a chance to *offer* you a replacement computer before you come right our and ask for one. I ended up getting my MBP replaced after 3 send-ins over a DVD drive. Good luck!

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