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    How much RAM do i need?
    I just got my new MacBook Unibody with 2GB of RAM and i wanted to know if an upgrade is needed. I use my laptop to do schoolwork, facebook, ichat and download music pretty much all the time.

    Would upgrading RAM make my macbook faster at all or would it not be affected at all?

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    Upgrading the RAM would help if you were running several apps at once or doing some graphics intensive work like Final Cut or Photoshop. 2gb is very adequate, but if you just really want to make the move to 4gb, it's not that expensive if you do it on your own. Go to and enter your specs to see which RAM is compatible with your machine. I haven't looked there in a while so I don't know what the price range is right now.

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    One stat that might help you decide whether a memory upgrade is needed is the number of page ins/page outs that occur. The more page outs that occur the more your Mac is having to read from the virtual memory file on your hard drive thus slowing things down. Here's a summary of how to use Activity Monitor to find/interpret that information. Does my mac need more memory? | Macintosh How To
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    2GB of RAM is more than enough for the stuff that you listed.

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