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Thread: Odd chirping sound coming from my new MacBook

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    Question Odd chirping sound coming from my new MacBook
    I recently purchased a brand new white unibody MacBook. There is a strange sound that sounds like an odd chirp coming from the area on left of the trackpad. The sound might be coming from under the keyboard but it is somewhere in the bottom left of the laptop. does anyone know how to fix this?


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    When do you hear this "chirp?" The Mac does make internal speaker sounds to signify certain events. Mail, for instance, may be set to give an audible signal when new email arrives in your inbox. Look at /System Preferences/Sound, Sound Effects tab, and see if the sound you're hearing is listed there.

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    Thank you for responding but that was not the problem. It doesn't happen unless i am moving my laptop around. For example, if i have it sitting on my desk and i lit it off the desk then it makes the sound. I will try to get it on video but its fairly faint so im not sure that my camcorder will pick it up. I just tried to upload a video but it is not working. i could send it as an attachment through email but it wont let me post it as an attachment to this

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    I just called apple and they told me that it was the sudden motion sensor that kicks in so that the HD will not be scratched. When i called i had to register my MacBook so now i'm officially running my warranty out. Haha, if i would have called i could have started my warranty when i needed it. Wish i wouldn't have called but this is the "fair" way.


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