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    How to adjust timer for screen brightness? (Screen saver?)
    Hey guys,

    After about a minute of not touching my keyboard, the screens brightness decreases by about half, and then another 30 seconds or so later it goes to the black screen. It must be some energy saver setting or something.

    Anyone know how I can change that so it stays on for longer? It's just a pain when watching movies ya know?


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    Quote Originally Posted by vpsean View Post
    It must be some energy saver setting or something.
    Just go into the energy saver settings in your System Preferences and adjust the settings for your screen. <--- not on my Mac at the moment so I can't give you the exact terminology or whatever

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    Yep go into System Preferences Click on the  in top left and then system preferences. You have togoto energy saver and tweek to your hearts content

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    Click system preferences click energy saver and change the preferences. Also to set the screen saver time, go to system preferences, then desktop & screen saver and change the time

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