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    shopping for PB RAM
    I'm definitely going to buy a 15" PB in the next couple months. Considering the cost of RAM from Apple, I'd like to buy 3rd party. I have a few questions about the RAM used in the PB's, though:

    1. I know that all RAM in the PB's is PC2700 DDR333. How many pins are going to be on the RAM I'm looking for (the RAM I installed in my sister's iBook yesterday is definitely smaller than desktop RAM, but I don't know if it's the same type as PB RAM). Basically, I need to know what spec requirements the RAM has to be to work with the PB (if it helps at all, I'm searching at, using their dropdown menus, but I will most likely buy locally from Fry's).

    2. I'm looking at getting the base 512mb in my PB from Apple, then adding a stick of 1gb. Is this possible, or do both sticks have to match (I know RDRAM, which is in my desktop, does)? If not, will they perform better if they are matching (dual channel..not sure if that's PC3200+ or not)?

    3. Any brand recommendations? Brands I've heard of are mainly Corsair, Crucial and Kingston.


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    I have recently upgraded my RAM from 512 - 1256Mb.

    I used third party ram at a third of the cost of that, that was advertised on the apple site.

    The spec on the ram i purchased for my 15" G4 1.25Ghz is as follows

    1GB PC2700 ddr 333mhz so-dimm ( 200 pin )

    This ram is also compatable with the following 15"s

    1 Ghz
    1.25 Ghz
    1.33 Ghz
    1.5 Ghz
    1.67 Ghz

    I am from the UK so you may not be able to get this manufacturer in the US but it was manufactured by Transcend.

    You could also look here:

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    Thanks for the help! Transcend is a brand I have heard of before and have access to, so I'll keep that in mind.

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    Anybody else?

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    The RAM that laptops take is called SODIMM, a DDR PC2700 module specifically uses 200 pins. The desktop RAM you speak of is generally a DIMM or SIMM depending on configuration. The physical modules are quite a bit bigger for desktops. Your sister's iBook uses roughly the same RAM, with a few minor differences.

    The specs on RAM for a new Powerbook are: PC2700, DDR333, 200 pin SODIMM module, CL of 2.5, and it's NON-ECC unbuffered memory.

    Lastly, the new 15" Powerbooks have two memory slots in them, and they do *not* require matching sticks, so a 512MB stick and a 1GB stick would work just fine together. The PowerBook does not support dual channel speed enhancements. The maximum memory it can address is 2GB total.

    Hope this helps!

    PS: For future reference, all of this information can be found on Apple's website in the support section...or you can find it via Google.
    Roger Michaels
    Apple Certified Consultant

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    There is some really cheap ram that is compatible with your soon to be powerbook.

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    Thanks for the help! :p

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    DMS Memory store

    The link above is suggested by our college bookstore, just bought 2GB RAM for the G5 at $238. US dollars.

    The laptop memory is broken down for you by laptop, then by size/speed.

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