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    Hi everyone. Really glad i found this site.

    Recently this past Christmas, i got a brand new MacBook Pro 13 inch
    So all my friends have MSN and keep telling me to get it. So I did. and so far, its been awesome. But my friend wanted to know if I could do a vide chat. And I knew I probably could since I have the built in iSight. So i eventually found out I need aMSN or Mercury. So first thing I did was download aMSN. I saw this video -

    YouTube - Mac Tip: How To Use Video/ Audio Chat With MSN

    Unfortunately I couldnt understand him much when he went into the Preferences. So I couldnt find any more descriptive videos. So then I decided to download Mercury.

    I can see myself, but other people cant connect. It says Server "listening". And they never connect. But on aMSN i could connect with them. But they said I was just a white square. I need some help.

    Thanks everyone

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    no one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atomic-R View Post

    no one?
    First, maybe you should post this in the Apps section - not the hardware section.

    Second, maybe you can find some help from the web site you downloaded the app from.

    Unfortunately, video / audio chat is pretty tough to have cross platform support for. Text chat is pretty easy.
    There is a lot of proprietary (secret) stuff going on inside the chat program. The only way programs like aMSN & Mercury work is that some smart guy reverse engineered the protocol necessary to "talk" to MSN. If the folks that wrote the MSN chat program change one small little line of code or add a new feature, it tends to break everyone else's programs.

    In other words: aMSN & Mercury probably used to work, but now they don't. The guys that wrote MSN chat don't care and until the guys that wrote the code for aMSN & Mercury do more reverse engineering and make the changes to their code, you are sh*t out of luck.

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    I use mercury messenger and it works part of the time. you could try it!

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