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Thread: My new MacBook has a dead pixel

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    Dec 29, 2009
    My new MacBook has a dead pixel
    I have a new 13" MacBook. I just discovered a dead pixel in the upper left corner. I have the extended AppleCare and just got off the phone with support to run tests to see if the dead pixel would go away. It didn't. I'm now taking my MacBook in to the Apple Store near me so they can take a look and ship it off for the screen to be replaced.

    This is my first Mac ever and I've only owned it a month. I know dead pixels are a once-in-awhile thing but I don't feel like it's right they are going to tear it apart and replace the screen. I could be feeling unreasonable but it bothers me. It's brand new!

    I feel like I should get a replacement MacBook. Is it normal they actually will replace the screen instead of just replacing the notebook altogether?

    The dead pixel bothers me a lot and so does the thought of them disassembling the computer. Am I crazy?

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    So you're only talking about a single pixel being dead? If anything they'll just replace the screen, NOT the entire macbook unit.

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    Thanks. I've come to terms that I am crazy.
    It's just so new. I'm sad.

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    at least you had yours for a month. i opened my brand new mbp on christmas morning, within 5 hours it was dead via overall hardware failure. the new one should be here either tomorrow or thursday but my mom got a free ipod nano, but i have an ipone 3gs so my mom is gonna keep it to replace her old nano
    Mac specs: late 2009 MBP 15 inch 2.53ghz 4gb Ram 320 gb HDD, 32 gb iphone 3gs white, 16 gb iphone 2g

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    The vast majority of companies will do nothing about a single dead/stuck pixel.
    I'd be glad they're willing to replace the screen.
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    Thumbs up Macbook Screen Dead Pixel/Replacement
    I've run into a similar problem, but it was the result of dropping my laptop on the floor. The stuck pixels later turned into big black blotches on my Macbook Pro and within weeks I couldn't make out the desktop. I live in Santa Monica/Los Angeles and was fortunate enough to find a really good company that was able to replace the screen for cheap. If you're still having trouble hit these guys up. They're mobile and affordable and super professional

    Their site is

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    You should try running a pixel fix like this one:

    JScreenFix - Fix stuck pixels and screen burn-in

    I've had a couple pixels that were fixed that way. Also, if you take a cloth and rub the pixel slowly you may be able to "pop" it back into place.

    Stuck pixels suck, but you might be able to get it out and save the frustration from going to the store.

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