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    Macbook sound input output through speakers
    So i have my xbox setup on a monitor and i have an adapter from the left and right (white and red) rca audio to a male 3.5mm jack. I want to plug this into my macbook's mic/input port and have the sound output through the speakers. I can see the volume on the gauge in sound settings but i dont know how to get it to output through the macbook pro's speaker.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Use the MBP headphone output. If you have the little speaker icon in your menu bar, Option click it and make sure the Headphones is selected for Output.

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    I tried that but it doesn't work

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    I think you need to what's called soft playthru for this to work. That should allow the sound picked up through the mic to be played through the speakers. Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder enables this feature at both the hardware and software levels. Check the audio i/o preference settings. The sumplest solution is probably Rogue Amoeba | Freebies: Free Software for Mac OS X. Download the program called LineIn.

    For both choices start with the mic and sound levels low. Playthru can produce quite a bit of feedback because the speakers are in close proximity to the audio in.

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