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    Question Macbook Pro Screen Display Playing Up on Boot Up

    There are some issues with the Macbook Pro I own.

    Basically its a 'Santa Rosa 2007 Model', yes the model that's renowned for its faulty NVIDIA Graphics chip.

    MacBook Pro: Distorted video or no video issues

    However I am unable to convince Apple that I have one of these faulty Macbook's, as I have taken it to them twice now & after their initial testing they refuse to accept that it is a faulty NVIDIA graphics chip.

    I have until next Sept 2010 to convince them, that is when the extended recall warranty runs out.

    I have taken a few pictures of what I am experiencing for the last year, this issue started just after the initial 1 year warranty that you would get with any electrical item that is brand new.

    On boot up, you hear the 'chime' then the black & white stripes appear & nothing else happens.

    On the odd occasion the machine actually boots up as it should, Apple logo etc & works ok ?

    On another note I also have a boot camp partition with windows on it, so I tried to boot into windows.

    With the black & white lines appear on the screen I 'HOLD' down the 'ALT' key which initiates the boot up choice menu & the screen should show 2 hard drive icons, but it doesn't.

    I just go through the motions anyway, when timed correctly & press 'ENTER' the screen goes black as if it were booting into Windows, after a while the Windows boot up 'chime' is heard - but nothing appears on the screen in this mode.

    However the 'CAPS LOCK' & 'NUM LOCK' keys on the keyboard illuminate ?

    Has anyone any else experienced this & if so how can I convince Apple that I have a FAULTY machine due to the FAULTY NVIDIA CHIP ?

    This machine in total has only been used a handful of times & as mentioned the problem started occuring around 14 months after initially buying in 2007.

    Any useful help would be grateful, thanks for reading. :apple:
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