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    Exclamation Help: Macbook Grey Screen...Mac HD appears to be OK
    Hi Guys!

    On Christmas Eve Santa decided to come early and &^$& my Macbook up. That Fat *******! Anyway, I left my macbook alone and when I came home from work, I booted it up, however it only goes to a gray screen. After a while, a folder with a question mark pops up and flashes.

    Now I was able to get the MAC OS X installer disk to boot up and i ran the disk Utility Feature. My Mac HD appears and it clearly shows the number of files I have and capacity available...etc. I ran Verify disk, and it shows "the Volume Macintosh D appears to be OK." The I ran Repair Disk, and it shows the same thing..."the Volume Macintosh D appears to be OK." I'm very confused and this makes me thing that maybe something isn't wrong with my HD.

    I took my macbook into the Genius bar today (I know, boxing day...what a mess, but I found some cute Heels on Sale WOOT! Woot!). Anyways, the guy wasn't that helpful and he basically took out my HD and put it back in and connected some device to my computer. He never put in the Installer CD to see what was going on and basically told me that my HD has failed and that I might not be able to back up my files and i'm out of warranty...blah blah basically i'm screwed. I don't understand why he didn't put in the Installer CD though.

    I've been searching around the forums and have read a lot of stuff in the last few days. For some reason i don't think that my Macbook HD has failed since it appears to be OK from disk utility and its being recognized. Maybe there is something else wrong? Is there anything else i can do with the Mac OS X istaller CD to see if anything else might not be working. Maybe some Terminal commands. I don't know...HELP!

    I would be so so grateful for any Help...I have all my important university papers on this thing and I need access to them. I don't have the money to have my files recovered from a specialist either

    Thank you Guys, Appreciate any help!!!

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    Is there no one here to help me..... I read all the threads above and stickies and tried all the troubleshooting things to no avail....

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