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    Connecting Macbook to HDTV

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    Dec 25, 2009
    Connecting Macbook to HDTV
    I have a Macbook Aluminum, and a new Samsung LCD HDTV.

    I want to connect my Macbook and use the TV as the display. I am having a hard time figuring out what cables I need. Do I need one cable or two? And how do I get the audio to come out of the TV (if possible)?

    Help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to all!

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    Connecting Macbook to HDTV
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    I have my Mac Mini set up to play through my Sony Bravia HDTV. The video connection is mini DVI to HDMI. I bought the adaptor at the Apple Store. The audio is headphone output, through an RCA stereo adaptor, to the RCA audio inputs on the TV. I bought the adaptor at Radio Shack. My setup works just fine. Of course, the video output on my Mac Mini is 1080p. You need to check to see if the Macbook will do that.

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