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Thread: CD stuck in MacBook OS X 10.5.8

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    Unhappy CD stuck in MacBook OS X 10.5.8
    I bought this MacBook in august 2008. The other day, I had a friend over and he wanted to burn some of my music onto a disc, he tried to insert a disk and he said that he had to push the disk all the way in. the mac did not pull the cd in at all, my friend forced it in he said it was easy though. The mac does not recognize that there is a disc in its drive so I have no options to eject the cd. Ive booted while holding eject, booted while holding the trackpad down, downloaded main menu where there is no option to eject (mac doesn't know theres a disc in it) Ive tried to tape and pull, a letter opener to push the little spring down. Any other Ideas?? I'll wire 20 bucks through paypal to whoever can give me the advise I need to get this cd out without taking it in to apple or breaking my mac .

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    thats the problem with the superdrive.... most laptops you can use a paperclip to open the drive. If you really want this out and prying won't work.

    open the mac up pull the drive out and use a paperclip to push the eject button.

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    Clinton Lee:

    If the MacBook doesn't know there's a disk in the drive, no amount of manipulation is going to remove it.

    What you might try doing is use an old disk (one that you don't need or a spare blank) and insert it over the top of the disk that's already in the drive. Hold on to it with a strong pair of pliers and do not allow it to be sucked into the drive. Push it in far enough that the drive mechanism tries to pull it in - but don't allow it to be actually pulled in.

    Doing that might trip the spring mechanism. If the drive then knows there is a disk inserted, it'll be easier to remove using the standard methods. If that doesn't work.....

    If you feel you can remove the drive yourself and would like to do it, go to the ifixit web site, look up your model number, find the step by step instructions for swapping out the superdrive and follow them.


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