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    white macbook v iMac
    Okay, so my friend and I were talking about this the other week and she has an iMac (she used to have a white mac like i do now) she's been telling me that macbooks aren't as good as iMac's and I thought she was just saying that to make her computer sound more up to spec compared to mine.

    The question I need to ask is, which is better in your opinion?

    (I have a mac because it is easier for me to use and plus, i take my computer on the road quite a bit)

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    um, spec to spec, a desktop will be more powerful than a laptop seeing as how they're both new. best would be your opinion. i personally like laptops because of the moblility but she might like the screen on a desktop
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    the imacs use laptop parts... soooooo

    as far as which is better it doesn't really matter but if you want to know come back with the specs of each machine and we'll tell you.

    to do that go to
    about this time>more info

    then list processor name , processor speed, memory

    under graphics/displays list the chipset model

    and list the size of the hard drives.

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    Thanks guys.

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    Who cares. If you like yours and she likes hers, all the better. If you want to do some relative tests, download and install xbench or geekbench on each and see which one scores better. The scores aren't all that accurate, but it's fun and free.
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