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Thread: Time machine- hard drive problems

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    Dec 25, 2009
    Time machine- hard drive problems
    Hello everyone!
    I couldn't find anywhere better to ask about Time Machine so hope it's okay that I write here. Hope my english is okay as well.

    I'm about to change the harddrive in my MacBook and I have everything on a Time Machine external hard drive. Today I should do the last copy to Time Machine before changing my hdd. But for some reason they now said that I couldn't do the copy becouse the external drive is write-protected. I took a look but cannot switch the write-protection off.
    My question is, what's wrong? And how should I do to make it right?

    Thanks/ Joe

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    Right click your time machine HD select get info. Bottom of drop down corner is padlock locked? If so click it enter password and from that point you can lift write protection. Question is how did this originally occur?

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    Dec 25, 2009
    I tried but couldn't do that, so I erased everything and thought that I could do a new time machine copy. But when I now tried again time machine says that I need a larger hd, that the hd is 150gb and they need 165, even though the internal hd is only on 160 and it says that there is 135 gb from the HD to copy.. So weird!

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