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Thread: Bad RAM slot - help needed

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    Question Bad RAM slot - help needed
    About six weeks ago when I tried to wake my sleeping Mac, all **** broke loose. I went through a series of problems, most of which resulted in the SOS beeps of death and a computer that wouldn't boot properly.

    To summarize a lot of trial and error, I've narrowed the problem to one particular RAM slot. When I use that slot at all (with any RAM stick, alone or paired with another RAM stick), chaos ensues. When I clear that slot and use only the other slot, everything is fine (aside from operating with half the RAM). I've tested both of my RAM sticks in every combination, and I'm convinced it's the slot and not bad RAM.

    My questions:

    + Are my suspicions about the cause of the problem likely correct?

    + Is there a repair for this short of replacing the mother board? I somehow failed to buy Applecare on this machine, so I'm completely out of warranty. I'm deciding whether to bother spending money for diagnosis and repair. I suspect it may just be in my best interest to operate with one slot for the duration of this machine's life.

    + If I do just live with the problem, is it likely isolated or symptomatic of what may be progressive issues with the board?

    I know that absolute answers would have to come from an authorized tech. I'm simply asking for folks with experience in these areas to share any input and insight you might have. Thanks for your help.

    Specs: Macbook - black (MB063LL/B) // Late 2007 Santa Rosa chipset // OSX 10.5.8

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    If the slot is indeed bad, there's not much you can do short of replacing the entire board. And that probably would not be cost effective.

    Have you tried cleaning the slot? I know it's very difficult but what you can try is this: Use the module you removed as a cleaning mechanism. Sometimes, just pushing it into the slot and pulling it several times will clear the problem.

    If the internal connectors of the slot are bent or otherwise damaged there's nothing you can do. However, in my experience the internal connectors are rarely damaged by the module. What may have happened is that a crack has developed in the board that the module slot is attached to. Repairing something like that would require a complete disassembly of the machine and special tools to repair. (Assuming you can find the crack)

    Sorry I can't be of more help.


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    I remember this being a common problem with the 15" Aluminum Powerbook' had a bad ram slot issue.

    Even if you have to live with one slot, You should be ok if you max out the ram. For a while at least.

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