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    Unibody Macbook - recognizes monitor but doesn't send a signal
    I had been using an older white macbook before hooked up to a magnovox flat panel. I liked the setup quite a bit and figured that I use it enough to justify an upgrade to a newer macbook and a new TV. I just bought a Sony V5100 TV and a 2008 unibody macbook (non pro). I an adapter from monoprice that does minidisplay --> HDMI, which replaced my old mini dvi--->hdmi that I used on the old macbook. I sold the older TV and older macbook already, so I can't use those to troubleshoot. Anyways, on to my problem.

    I hooked up the adapter to my TV today, and my TV says that it is not getting a signal. My mac can see the TV just fine, and even knows that it is a Sony. My TV can see the macbook as it grey's out HDMI inputs that aren't in use. I have tried all 4 of my HDMI inputs, all with the same result. I can get my ps3 and other HDMI devices to work no problems, but it is not getting a signal from my macbook. I've also tried changing to all sorts of different resolutions using switchres, resetting the TV and the macbook, and anything else I can think of. Is this something that the macbooks are no longer capable of? I'm completely out of ideas on what to try next, and hours of googling have brought up zero solutions. I'm frustrated to the point of giving up, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    anybody? I was thinking of using a Mini for my home theater but after this I'm having second thoughts.

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    last attempt

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    Are we sure that the adapter is good?

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