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    Jan 26, 2007
    any idea if i7 or i5 chips will be used in 2010 generation macbook pros?
    Was wondering this because I need a new mac but I am willing to wait until the fall of 2010 if one of either chipset is going to be in the new macs. I have a current macbook regular that is on its last legs *3 years old will be 4 in august* was wondering if anyone had any idea of the rumors going on around the 2010 macbook pro lineup?

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    We do not know when they plan 2 release them or what they are planning on putting in them until they come out.

    Just curious how is it on it's last leg just because it's a few years old. I know most people who have had their macbooks for years and they are very content because it does what they need it 2 do. So I'm just curious is it "on it's last leg" because it is old or is it actually messing up?

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