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Thread: HD noise?

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    HD noise?
    I bought my Macbook pro 15 in the end of september and I only had problems.

    After 2 or 3 weeks started a noise(like a click) from the HD. I thought my HD was dying. Then the store changed my HD. When the computer was ready and I took home, the click was still there but it came with another noise: like a ventilator, not so loud, but could be heard.

    So, I decided to visit this store again and ask what it was and they only opened and said nothing was wrong. At home this noise was away. Magic.

    After some time I needed to go to the store and they opened my computer to check something and guess what? I came back home and this noise was back. I couldnt belive it... only cause they opened?

    Then, sure, I visited them again and said everytime they open, the noise come and goes. Then they opened and closed again and the noise was there. No magic this time.

    Then they adviced me to go to a official apple store to check what was wrong. So I talked to one of them and he gave me the first time something, after all this visits to stores: "I give you a bigger HD and lets see if its better". I asked: "What if the noise doest go away?" - "Then we talk again".

    I liked that for the first time they offered me something.

    So. I have already back my computer and this strange ventilator is still here. The click is almost away. Had much more before. Now I cant even hear it but the ventilator sucks.

    I read about the Fan noise here, but I guess its not the Fan because everytime I put my hand on the right side of the computer(where the HD is), this ventilator noise is away. Sometimes I think that something inside isnt tight or whatever...

    I could think that this ventilator noise is normal(like everybody says), but not if many many times I didnt have it here. Appears and desappears...

    Can anybody give me an adivice? Did anybody already heard something like this?

    Im about to call there to thank for the new HD, but also to be angry and say I want a new computer because I would like to have back my silent computer.

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    Take your MBP to a real Apple store and let the genius technicians that work there trouble shoot it for you. Be sure to call first and make an appointment.


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