There's some known documented issues concerning the Nvidia graphics chip in the particular model of macbook pro I have.

Basically when turning on the machine, the screen is filled with black & white horizontal strips like a piano keyboard, but thats it - it doesn't actually boot up fully at all, you cannot hear the hard drive running !

Would the hard drive have anything to do with this ?

I explained this to apple telephone support & they informed of the article

MacBook Pro: Distorted video or no video issues

& stated that the symptoms were linked.

On taking the mac to an apple store they ran a special 'firmware' boot up 'test' using an instore ipod to determine if it was a faulty Nvidia chip, so as to prove to Nvidia, the company funding the repairs whether it is that to blame.

Because the machine didn't even boot up & complete the 'test' they couldn't say whether it was the graphics chip - so 'no free repair' under extended warranty & the final answer was as usual ' buy a new logic board' that will cure it !

Has anyone else experienced this & what solved it ?