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    Macbook broken power button solved (starting without power button)
    ive been having a prblem with my macbook for a few months now <the power button doesnt work>
    up until now ive ben having to take a keyboard off a friends macbook if i ever let mine run out of power!

    i have been searching the internet for another way toturn on my macbook with out prevail.

    but the other day by chance i came across another way to turn on your mac without the power button!

    1. take the battery out
    2. plug the macbook in at the mains
    3. put the battery back in

    as soon as the battery gets a connection the macbook boots up!

    problem solved i dont have to buy a new keyboard!

    Hope this helps someone

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    what do you mean by plug it in by the mains?

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    Have you talked to apple about your broken power button? They might be willing to fix it for free. Pressing the power button is a lot easier than doing all those steps you listed.
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    Thank you so much,

    Hey dude, so I've been trying to turn my MacBook into a nice desktop computer, after smashing the screen. I took it apart, but threw away the top case/everything else.

    I tried soldering onto the development port, but it looks like that won't work. (I destroyed the pad, it's so small -.-)

    It looks like it'll be longer to turn on the macbook, but, it's an extra computer and how can I argue with that

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    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I've been trying to work this out for ages.

    I have a macbook pro (Late 2011 17" - MD311LL/A - MacBookPro8,3), power button is water damaged (dead). been trying to keep it in permanent sleep mode until now.

    but your steps work!
    (but for me I had to also press the battery indicator button every so often - see steps)

    To clarify for anyone else - I had to do the following:

    1) press battery fullness indicator button (battery indicator LEDs showed full - 8 on green LEDs)
    2) unplug battery (on my 2011 - you just need to remove the back cover and unclip the cable to the battery - don't need to remove the whole battery)
    3) press battery fullness indicator button (battery indicator LEDs showed empty - 1 flashing LED)
    4) plug charging cable in
    5) press battery fullness indicator button (battery indicator LEDs showed empty - 1 flashing LED)
    6) plug battery back in
    7) fans start running, machine powers on. yaaaaay

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