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    Display to TV output problem

    I have a MBP 15" that I bought in 2007, along with a new 40" Sharp Aquos tv. A little while ago I bought a HDMI cable and an adapter to allow my MBP to connect and display on the tv. Everything was working fine, up to and including the last time I connected it, about a week ago. Today I went to use it like normal, and it just won't display. Some notes below:

    - it's not the cable; I swapped the same cable in for my ps3 on the same tv port (so it's not the port either) and it works fine
    - I have it set to the right HDMI input (HDMI 5 for what it's worth)
    - when I go into displays on my MBP when the cable is connected and tell it to check for displays, it recognizes that there is a connection to sharp HDMI; this makes me think the problem is on the computer's end and not the TV's; this also makes me think it's not the HDMI adapter that I bought (or else how would it be able to recognize being connected to the TV in settings?)
    - I have mirroring enabled

    This is infuriating, as it was working only a week ago, and as far as I know nothing has changed! Furthermore, since it's a multi-faceted problem there's no tech department I can call for help since I'm sure they'll just pass the buck. Any ideas what could possibly be wrong?


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    Sounds like there may be some "brain damage" in the recognition process from the output of your MBP to the TV. Try resetting the PRAM - NVRAM for your MBP and see if that resolves the problem. See the following Apple KB article: LINK

    Let us know if that works.


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    Thanks for the response. I tried your suggestion, but unfortunately it's still not displaying. Any other suggestions?

    Thanks again.

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    I mean no offense, but is it possible that the display got turned off? They often have a hidden control that you might have touched by accident. Turned off, or switched to a different input source.

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    None taken. If I take the HDMI cable, pop off the adapter, and plug the cable into my PS3, the display is picked up immediately (without changing any settings on the TV). So unless I'm missing something, the problem seems to be on the computer's end

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    Have you tried rebooting the computer?

    Never mind, I guess you have if you did the NVRAM reset.
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