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    Unhappy MacBook Pro not reading external hard disk
    I've got a 3-month old macbook pro and recently, it has stopped reading my external hard disk. it was working fine before. when i plug my external hard disk in, there is no show that the computer is reading it. i've got some really impt stuff inside and it'll be great if you guys can help.

    Thanks in advance!

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    A couple of things occur to me that might be helpful to know to better solve your problem:

    1. If you have another Mac does the drive mount when connected to it?
    2. Does the drive appear in Disk Utility?
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    Has it been exposed to any constant sunlight, water (even humidity) or static (if you cleaned it, the cloth may have created static).
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    The drive does not appear on my other Mac and it doesn't appear in Disk Utility either. It just completely disappeared one day and I've got no clue why. I only use the external drive at home and nope I haven't cleaned it. It's always in it's black leather sleeve, never took it out.


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    Did you plug it to the same port as always?

    Did you try to connect your external drive to a pc? This can change the format of the disk.

    You can get a free to try disk recovery software like Phoenix stellar. to see if it finds it.

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    hey juanca,

    i think i prob did connect it to a pc once. how can i recover it?

    this doesnt mean that all the data in the hard disk has been erased right?

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    Smile External Hard Drive won't connect
    I was using your tread for information on the way to solve the problem of my western digital 1TB drive was fine yesterday, and today it would not be recognized at all by my mac. I tried reseting the PRAM. I tried verifying and repairing permissions on my computers internal hard drive. I tried turning the drive on and off. I tried switching from fire wire to usb. I did find an unkown device under system prefrences/more information/firewire. So I knew that at some level it was registering with my computer. I downloaded stellar phoenix (free download), but there is no option to find and recover the actual drive, it is set up to recover information from your drive or trash. I talk to WD but I am past warranty, and he offered advice on who to use for information recovery services. I just moved the drive, and yes I shut it down first, so I thought maybe something cam loose inside the drive and it would be worth it to open it up and take a look.

    When I went to do this, after shutting down properly again, I noticed there was a rest button on the back. I hooked my drive up as normal, got a paper clip, turned the drive on, pushed the reset button in for a ten missippi, and PRESTO it was a magic fix that no one suggested. Hope this helps someone!

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    I'm surprised the Western Digital tech didn't advise you to try the reset first. But anyway, thanks for posting this - maybe it will help someone else.

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