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    MacBook pro start up problems
    I have a 3 yr old MacBook pro 2ghz running tiger 10.4.5 and all of a sudden I have blue screen on start up. If I safe boot she starts up but weird things r occurring like my cursor has abattery shape icon attached to it and it freezes or after a second clean install it now says I don't have an airport card. I've zapped pram clean installed,fsck, ran disk utility and hardware tests from install disk and they all say HD is ok. Any other pointers?and if I don't start in safe boot she'll freeze on start up.
    Thanks for your time

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    I don't mean to cause any alarm, and I might be completely wrong, but it might be a logic board issue. That happened to my MB a few months ago, and I couldn't get past the command prompt screen in Safe Mode, so your issue might be different, but just a thought... Does it freeze up either on the gray screen with the Apple and the loading spinner or the blue screen with the mouse pointer? Does entered text show up if you try to type in Safe Mode? That's what happened to mine; I'm just curious.

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    In safe mode it loads and I'm able to acess my HD and run disk utility. Programs and stuff but it tells me I don't have an airport card and strange stuff like that. I'm going to try her again in safe mode and see what's up. I'm also able to start up and run fsck checks.all hardware tests that come with install disks say HD ok. I too am worried it's my logic board but I'm praying it's not.

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    in safe mode go to to the apple logo in the top left and go to about this mac. press "more info" and then go to "Power" on the left hand side

    look for "health information" and see what it says there.

    This is just cause you say it has a battery icon next to the cursor, which i've never heard of.

    luckily, if it is a battery problem, batteries are supplied by sony and you will get a free replacement.

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    Ok - Checked battery power readings and here's what I got:
    battery installed-yes
    first low level warning-no
    full charge capacity(mAh)-4744
    remaining capacity(mAh)-4687
    voltage 12600
    cycle count 65

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    Bump-going to the genius bar tomor.

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    Bump--genius bar told me it was the logic board so i had them replace it for $310 and i've got her back and so far so good.....thanks for all of your help.

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