Yes. That's a lot of troubles . So here's the story.
I was doing my paper on my Macbook, and I swear to God, I looked away for 5 seconds to look at the time in my phone and as I turned back, there was a crack on my screen. I may have accidentally overflipped it too much when I turned around, but I don't know. However, everything else was working finely, because I still could listen to my iTunes and continue to do my paper (even though I couldn't see anything on the screen).
So I brought the laptop to Apple store. They have a flat rate for anything that relates to keyboard/screen/mousepad now, which is $750, and I'm a student, so there's no way I can afford that. If I could, I would just buy another new laptop. So, as desperate as I was, I attempted to replace the screen myself accordingly to a video on Youtube. It turned out to be working perfectly fine when I was done, the keyboard and mousepad and everything else. However, 2 days later, my keyboard/mousepad stopped working, then came my screen. But the system was is working, like I can turn it on and off and see it working on the monitor, but I just can't seem to make any impact on the keyboard/mousepad. I tried to connect a USB keyboard in, but it required registration...
I'm just wondering if you can tell me what's wrong with it. I think that I might have... not put the keyboard cable in correctly, but what's wrong with the cable inverter of my screen? They just... broke down together at once? I'd really really really appreciate any comment of how to ...fix it. I knew how to "fix" the LCD screen because of youtube, but... I dont know anything about the keyboard cable as well as where it's located. Thank you very much.