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    Advice on replacing or repairing powerbook screen

    I have a powerbook (year 2003). It has been an exellent computer for all my family.
    Few days ago the screen strated showing like a green grid. the performance of the computer is still perfect, all the hardware is working properly, it restarts well, all programs are loading properly, but the green grid is still there. from time to time the grid disapears but only for some minutes.

    What do you think could be the problem?
    Do you think it is easy to repair or should i go directly to replace the screen?
    is it an easy and reliable procedure? in the sense that it will last?

    thank you very much in advance for you help.

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    The problem could be from a bad LCD, a bad connection or a bad logic board... basically, it could be anything.
    There is no way anyone here will be able to diagnose this for you.

    Replacement screens are expensive.

    The computer is getting up there in years.
    I would suggest using an external monitor and see if that helps.
    If not, then it might just be time for a new computer.
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