hi guys just wondering if its possible to upgrade my macbook pro santa rosa (3,1) 2.4 GHz machine. (BTW i got the 8600m GT problem fixed by apple, although a service centre 'associated' with apple said it was fine! ) to 6GB ram as ive seen corsair value ram on sale for 87euro and are thinking of matching it with maybe a 2gb corsair mac memory to get the full 'stable' ram limit. FYI i am running snow leopard and windows 7 (64) in both bootcamp and VM (version 3). what do you think of this as i might be inclined to only buy the 4gb stick and see if it'l run fine with a single 1gb stick that came with the mac. is that okay to run or would it be a waste of money.. i could buy thee 4gb kit but id (obviously) rather 6gb if i can get away with it.. any thoughts are welcome..