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    Some Web Pages Will Not Load?
    I have a MacBook that was purchased in late 2007

    I live in the woods, there are no internet services in my area that offer internet that doesn't come from a satellite (on top of the roof). There are numerous web pages that will not load, usually these are the important ones (yahoo, espn, cnet, ebay). I know this is because of my internet but is there any way that I can fix this? Thanks

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    I've never heard of an internet connection that is selective about failing to load pages. Either they all load, or they don't. Sometimes a particular page will fail to load because of a busy server at the other end, or some such remote reason. But that isn't a consistent, long term problem. So I don't think your internet connection is to blame. If some web pages are consistently loading OK, they they all should.

    The first thing for you to do is to clean up your machine. Download Onyx and run all the maintenance routines. Then go to Library/Preferences, and delete the .plst file for your browser (example: In Safari, go to Safari/Reset Safari and Safari/Empty Cache.

    Let us know if any of this helps.

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    Thanks, but I've already tried all that. It seems like web pages that have more on them won't load. Like youtube, I can't watch videos, not because my connection is too slow but because the page loads wrong. I've gone to other places and with the internet there everything worked fine.

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    I have to disagree...
    Me being here is the result of another google search regarding this deal.
    For some reason a particular site will not load. Killing me. Im a big fan of a a certain sport and my best site suddenly stopped working. wth. The painful thing is I get RSS feeds in Mail from the site. So I know its still there. I have tried Safari, Firefox, and now am on Camino (amazing browser).
    I have asked posters on other forums and they say it comes up for them.
    Can a server suddenly not like a proxy setting.

    Internet is stable, standard DSL.
    I use Onyx after any software updates or installs. My machine runs good.

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    This same problem occurred on my Mom's iBook G4. I couldn't find a way to fix it. You might have to reinstall OSX

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