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    Dec 12, 2009
    Macbook not charging.

    I have a Late (Oct) 2008 Macbook (Alum-unibody) which, starting about 3 hours ago, will not charge. At first, when I would plug in the MagSafe adapter and I wouldn't get a light and the computer wouldn't charge. I reset the SMC and nothing. The computer itself is fine and works well, but the battery will not charge. It just keeps draining.
    About an hour ago, I decided to take apart the computer, dusted it, removed the battery for about 20 minutes or so. When I put the battery back in, and plugged in the magsafe adapter, an orange light appeared, and is still there. It is not charging the computer however. What could be the problem?!?!?!

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    Dec 12, 2009
    I should also note that when using my other two magsafe adapters, they wouldn't work either, and produced the same result. Also I put the computer's battery into another macbook of the same model, and it worked in that system.

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    I would for sure bring that to an apple store and have them check it out. did you try plugging it in and turning it on with no battery?

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    Yeah, and it wouldn't work...which is veryyy worrying.

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