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    Firmware update wont update to 3.0 version. HELP
    Hello everyone,
    Just got my first macbook, and the optical drive obviously happens to make a weird noise when I boot or I awake the machine from sleep mode. I ran all the software updates and I have the firmware at 1.4, but when I manually try and update my machine to 3.0 it says this computer does not need to be updated.

    Now, how in the world could I do this?

    Any help is appreciated.



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    1. Make sure your MB is on the list of the ones this update is for.
    2. Make sure you have the appropriate EFI firmware update installed first.

    About SuperDrive Firmware Update 3.0

    Also read the 'Additional Information' at the bottom of the page. Yours may not be one of the drives requiring that update/
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    My notebook btw is a late September release of 2008 and it is on the list. Its a macbook aluminum edition. The person I bought it from did a fresh install of Leopard but didn't do the updates. He stated that when he had it the optical drive wasn't an issue. The seller is legit as my company has done business with him for years.

    I looked at the list and it says mine is Revision: KA13

    But wondering now where to read from since my model is an older one.

    Is it possible to uninstall updates to reinstall?

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