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wrxguy43 12-11-2009 01:34 AM

I have a white macbook. 13" and when i have it plugged in it will bounce from "calculating" to a certain time, to "not charging" not in any specific order. Could this be the battery? I recently bought the macbook from someone on craigslist. very happy with it except this one thing. coconutbattery says the macbook is 26 months old and that the battery has 413 load cycles with 95% battery capacity. Could this problem be with the magsafe? (which the macbook came with a 45W) or the battery? 413 load cycles seems like a lot. Im not a big mac guy. i just switched from a PC. so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!:(

So I recently been having problems with my macbook saying its "not charging" so i decided to go on a limb and try to swap to my old hard drive and see if maybe its just snow leopard or my 500 gig hd. when i switched back to leopard... no more "not charging" message. Could this be snow leopard causing the message? or could it be the 7200rpm 500 gig hd upgrade from the 5400rpm 80gig hd.?

Running in snow leopard, i tried running a lot of programs to get the computer to actually work hard. i figured out that when the computer is working its butt off, the battery meter goes crazy. it changed from a certain time limit to charged, back to calculating. and so forth. hmm. what could this be?

UPDATE: I made the macbook run its butt off on both Hds. I think something is wrong with my macbook. when it gets hot, the battery says "not charging" then changes back to calculating or a time. what could this be?

anyone know what could be causing the problem?

when my macbook get hot and its plugged in, it will stop charging then charge back and forth. if my iphone is charging through the computer it will do the same thing. it will connect then disconnect. any ideas why this is happening?

johnnyFIVE 12-11-2009 01:44 AM

I think I had heard that when the battery charges get over approx 250 you will start to see a larger decline in battery life. The white ones have easy to replace batteries so I would recommend purchasing one on eBay or whatever.

whats the mA ratings say in coconut battery?

are you sure you are getting good connectivity with the power to the machine?

wrxguy43 12-11-2009 01:51 AM

this is what it shows...

Current Battery Charge: 4206 mAh
Maximum Battery Charge: 4772 mAh
Current Battery Capacity: 4772 mAh
Original Battery Capacity: 5020 mAh
Battery Loadcycles: 413
Age of your Mac: 26 Months
Charger connected: Yes
Battery is charging: Yes (which changes to no while still saying its connected)

I have a feeling its the charger because it seems if i move it or rest is a certain way it changes to "not charging" but i dont know for sure if that is what makes it change.

johnnyFIVE 12-11-2009 02:00 AM


something else may be wrong other than the battery.

Do you have access to another adapter? I cant imagine the port on the computer could go bad since its a magnet so I couldn't imagine any solder points breaking like with PC laptops.

I would venture to guess that maybe the end of the cable is damaged from flexing a lot and it doesn't form a solid connection, anything change if you wiggle the end attached to the laptop? any patterns in connection/disconnection? Do any parts of the cable, primarily the ends somewhere look physically worn?

I dont think that the mAh are low enough to be too serious.

If you dont have access to another adapter I would just go to a starbucks or something and ask someone if you can use their adapter for a minute, and offer to do it right in front of them.


Originally Posted by wrxguy43 (Post 959579)
I have a feeling its the charger because it seems if i move it or rest is a certain way it changes to "not charging" but i dont know for sure if that is what makes it change.

funny we both posted the same concern at pretty much the same time.

wrxguy43 12-11-2009 02:09 AM

it used to change when i moved the plug. but no so much anymore. (at least that i can tell) there are some little scratch looking things on the part right by the magnet end...but its nothing too deep.

so would it be the power cable then?

johnnyFIVE 12-11-2009 02:15 AM

well, even more than on the plastic end, it would be on the cable by the end. The reason that happens is when you pull it pretty tight it causes the cable to flex. When the cable keeps flexing in the same place over and over the connection with the strands wont be as good.

thats why it stresses me out when people pull their adapter cords really tight. Like its a tight rope from the laptop to the wall. lol, I bug my fiance about it daily.

so would it be the power cable then?
that would be my best guess. Try to borrow one form someone you know, or use the starbucks (or barneys :D) idea I had, of just asking someone to borrow it for a second. All you have to do is plug it in and see if its recognized quickly, if so just one cheap part and youre good to go.

Im not 100% sure but it would make the most sense, and in this case it isnt a very big deal at all.

wrxguy43 12-11-2009 02:47 AM

ill try that.. because i was going to get the 65W anyway. i dont like the plug on this one. its the metal plug. i prefer the white newer model. looks better lol

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