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    Windows 7 and backlight
    I installed Windows 7 via bootcamp on a recent Macbook Pro with no major issues. I can dim the backlight while in Windows using the F5 key. I can't turn off the backlight completely. I ran the bootcamp settings app in Windows and there's nothing for the backlight.

    Any clues?

    Also, the trackpad - how do you hold the cursor steady and click? I know I'll eventually get used to it, but I keep clicking and missing.

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    As far as controlling the backlight in Windows 7.... You're probably going to have to wait until Apple publishes an update to Boot Camp 3.0 (which reportedly they will do this month some time). Boot Camp 3.0 (on the Snow Leopard DVD) only officially supports XP and Vista with drivers. But since the driver model for Vista and Windows 7 are the same, most drivers work OK for Windows 7.


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