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    Oct 21, 2009
    Macbook pro screen blurred - crashed
    I have no idea what's happened. Suddenly last night my screen turned into a blurry coloured mess. I can see the firefox screen still in the background, but can't move around the screen to do anything. All i could do was turn ito off at the power button.
    This morning, I turned it back on again, and it worked normally for about half an hour and then did the same again.
    When I tried to turn on again, it just kept making the power-on noise. I waited 10 mins and it rebooted, but this time immediately with the screen looking like that.
    I'm afraid I can't find all my operating details as I can't log on.
    All I know is:
    Macbook Pro, 15 inch.
    Bought June 2007
    Intel processor

    I'm working in America for a 2 weeks (alone and from hotels) so absolutely dependent on my mac.. I will be seriously lost without it!
    ANY advice will be much appreciated. (or any tips of where to take it in Lexington, Kentucky, for service...?)


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    Oct 21, 2009
    It suddenly struck me, I had some problems last time i was in the States (I'm from the UK). Is there any way the power voltage difference would be affecting the macbook?)

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    No, the power line should have no impact on the operation of your MBP. All Mac machines are designed to operate with the various power grids available. The only thing you would need is the proper adapter for the local mains.

    As for the blurry screen and color distortation, it may have something to do with the graphics chipset in your machine. As for local Mac service, look in a phone book's yellow pages at the hotel. Try to find (preferably) an Apple store nearby or an authorized Apple service repair place. Lexington, KY is a rather large city and should have one or the other.


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