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    New Macbook Pro Issues?
    Hi, I appreciate any advice in advance.

    First off, I've set up an appointment for the day after tomorrow with the Apple Genius Bar and have AppleCare, though I am aware of the fact that it does not cover incidents arising from spills.

    So here goes:

    About 1.5 months ago I spilled a bit of tea on the right side of my computer and it covered several of the keys, and potentially the right speaker. I immediately dried it with a towel and flipped the laptop upside down. Very little liquid came out. I (stupidly) did NOT read any of the spills threads on this forum and did not keep the computer off or take out the battery.

    1.5 months later, and there is a very slight, constant buzz on the LEFT side of the laptop. This is almost certainly the fan, and it's not bad at all, just slightly annoying. It goes away often, and comes back occasionally. What's more, I'm not sure if this sound has always been there ever since I bought the computer, or whether it's more recent. It's that quiet, but it still sounds louder than my friends' Macbooks.

    I searched for threads on louder fans and noticed that this is a common "problem" with Macbook pros, but doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem. And really, as I've mentioned, it's not that loud at all (just loud enough that it sounds a bit strange). It's kinda like a cat loudly purring. I turned on my computer and it took like 2 minutes to boot up, which freaked me out. So as soon as it finally DID turn on, I turned it off again and restarted it 5+ times. Each time it started up immediately. I then ran a hardware test using the CD that came with the computer, and it said no problems were detected.

    So I'm going to Apple the day after tomorrow, but I guess I'm looking for initial impressions (on the fan noise, etc.) and on whether it's actually a good idea to take this to Apple, or to take it to some 3rd party service provider. I imagine that if they decide to replace the fan (if it is actually bad) they would see that liquid has been spilled. The confusion arises in that the liquid was solely isolated to several keys on the far right side of the computer, while the somewhat loud fan sound is on the far left side.

    Any comments are appreciated.

    Also, just to verify, if anything is spilled on a keyboard, it leaks directly onto the logic board below, or does liquid have to get in through the ports on the side?

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    Onto the logic board.

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