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    battery problem?
    hi guys soo i just got my white macbook polycarb unibody last last week friday, and i just have it on my desk plugged in. i leave i plugged in throughout the day/ over night for the past couple of days. and now its plugged in but it only says 99% charged, two days ago it say it was 100% charged. is my battery dying because i leave it plugged in for too long?

    what should i do? thanks. im relatively new to laptops. thanks again

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    The battery does not recharge until it goes below 94 or 96%. I forget which.

    There is nothing wrong with your battery.

    At least not from that point.

    My wife's MacBook stays plugged in 100% of the time except when I borrow it because I need 2 computers at a time.. The battery is now around 30 months old. It's capacity is higher now than it was when new.
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