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    Getting my first Mac - lots of questions
    Hi, i'm so excited to be getting a Macbook Pro 15 inch 2.66 GHz after Christmas!! I've never owned a Mac before so it's a whole new world to me. I was hoping for a bit of advise. The main thing i'm wondering about is the Wi-Fi. At home i currently have a PC and a laptop (both Windows), in my bedroom i have my PC, which is connected to my router (speedtouch) which then connects to the phoneline in my bedroom. I was wondering if i will still be able to use this setup with my Macbook? Or will i need a different router?

    Also, how easy is it to get used to using a Mac when switching from Windows? I've had a play around on one in the Apple store (it was amazing, i didn't want to leave it!) but i'm a bit confused on how you close down programmes, like on windows you can minimize it and close it with the red cross, how do you do this on a Mac? I was going to ask them about this when i went in the store but it was so busy.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Sure you can connect to that router...

    It will take a month or two to get used to it, or depending how much you are on it, and about quitting an app... cmd+Q.

    The closing and minimalizing is quite the same, only it's in the left top corner instead of the right.
    Have fun with the MBP, I can tell you, you won't be sorry.

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    Thank you, i don't know why but i just had it stuck in my head that i would need another router, someone said something about an 'airport' or something, but its great that i will be able to connect to this router

    Another thing, i like to play games, especially the Sims 3, will the 15 inch 2.66 be able to play it well? My current laptop can't hack it very well and will only run it on low settings, do you think i would be able to play it on higher settings without it freezing and slowing down on the MBP?

    Thanks for your help

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    Welcome Dannibabe:

    I usually recommend this book for new users. The Little Mac Book, Snow Leopard edition, from Peachpit. Not the e-book selections. Ms. Robin Williams is a great Mac author with more than 10 years writing about Macs.

    Sit down with it at your computer and start with the beginning of the book. Apple sometimes has other names for things, like Applications (instead of Programs) and she points out everything. Go as far as you like. When you know the correct names for things, it becomes easier to look things up in the Index or on Support Sites like this one, or even a Search Engine.

    Airport is your wireless connection in your Mac as long as you have a wireless router. I don't know about games.

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    The AirPort extreme has been a good router for me so far, but there are others out there. It's not necessary to have an AirPort Extreme.

    If you are willing to learn things the Mac way, and keep an open mind during the learning process (which usually never ends, then you will be off to a good start using OS X (I have owned my Mac for over a year and still have not learned everything).

    I wish I had that excitement of waiting for my Mac, I just bought mine right in the apple store. Still excited though

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    It will run the sims 3 just fine. I run it on my 2008 model white macbook without any problems. I have ran into only one router that my macbook will not connect 2 if it is password protected and that was a 2wire dsl modem (has built in wireless) It would connect to it just fine as long as I disabled the password but I didn't like the fact that just anyone could connect to my network. Works just fine with my linksys router no issues at all. And to quit an app u can do the command + Q or u can just click on the apps name along the bar at the top and click quit. Clicking the red X in the left corner does not properly close the app. It will close that window but the app will still be open.

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    Thanks for everybody's help! I'm so excited, i dont think i'll be able to wait until after Christmas...i'm sure it'll be worth the wait though

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    I just recently got my first mac and have never looked back... I am sure you will love it, of course it does take some getting used to the the new shortcuts, however it took me less than a week.

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