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Thread: MBP not starting...

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    MBP not starting...
    Well, it does sorta start. When I turn it on the fans and superdrive start up. But thats it, it stops there and the fans stay on but the screen is stays off and it doesn't boot. I'v tried removing the battery then starting it up again, and shutting it off and waiting a while does nothing.

    I'v have looked around at other post for answers but can't seem to find this sort of situation.... or have missed it.

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    It would help if you provided some more details about your MBP. In the meantime, have you tried to start it by booting from your original install media?

    You might also want to take a look at several sticky posts in the forums related to trouble shooting.


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    The problem you describe could be caused by a bad memory module.

    If you have 2 memory modules in your machine, try taking one out and rebooting. If nothing changes, try removing the other and rebooting.

    Hope that this helps.

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