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    Need testimonials on MBP HDD replacement
    So my Applecare finally expired and I see no reason to continue stuggling along with my 120GB HDD when much larger drives are so cheap. My MBP is late 2006 15" model. From what I've read online the difficult parts of the process include some kind of internal bracket over the optical drive holding the upper and lower sections and disconnecting/reconnecting the ribbons attached.

    I have little experience with this sort of thing. I've replaced drives and power units on desktops before, but not laptops. Can some people out there who have done this before tell me if it's a fairly easy task or would I be better off paying someone? My biggest concern is not getting it back together due to this bracket situation. If you can tell me how that wen t for you, I would appreciate it. Also, do I really need to buy special prying tools, or would something like a plastic fork/knife due just as well?

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    Have same model as yours - Just print out the directions from iFixit and read thru them a couple of times before you start. Lay or tape the screws to the page as you take them out to make sure you get them all back in the right place.

    There are 2 screws to watch for in particular that are considerably longer than any others. Notice where these come out and go back.

    It's not a big deal, just take your time. 30-45 minutes even for your first time max. Took me about 20-25 minutes moving slow. Someone doing it every day can probably do it in 5-10 minutes.
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    Besides those two longer screws, there are 2 torx heads screws. They used really small philips head screws everyplace else - why have 2 torx screws? - I don't know. To get these 2 torx head screws out I use a small flat blade - they too aren't tight.
    And, use a small /medium flat blade screw driver to pry the front of the keyboard up - in addition to the screws, there are plastic tabs around the front that pop into the chassis - so you have to pop them up. When you open the keyboard, tilt it back against the display - don't remove the keyboard ribbon cable.
    Before you start the project, download smcFanControl and check to make sure the left & right fans are turning. If not, yo can replace them while you are in there.
    The drive bracket is pretty simple - and pretty obvious. There is a temp sensor right there - so be careful of that.

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