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    Replacing internal hard drive
    I ordered a 640 GB hard drive and it should be arriving soon. I'm wondering how I can back up my current drive to an external drive and place it on the new drive once I install it?

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    Use a cloner such as SuperDuper. Pop the new drive in an external case, connect by USB2 if Intel, Firewire if PPC, format the drive and partition if necessary using RAID or Apple Partition Map depending on your machine, copy, and then remove original HDD and pop in the new one. It does help if you provide details such as model, operating system and if you have an external case etc.

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    Nov 20, 2009
    I don't have an external case. My plan was to do a backup of the entire drive with time machine on an external drive, then pop in the new internal hard drive and turn the laptop on and throw in the Mac OS X installation DVD, and then choose to copy the time machine backup to the new drive. Would that work?
    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it

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    Yes, that will work. Once the installation starts you will be asked if you wish to restore from backup. Reply yes and point to your backup. Make sure you have your external drive with the Time Machine backup attached.

    That is the method I used to install Snow Leopard clean on my MacBook.


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