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    Aug 13, 2008
    Help I am a slave to apple
    Dear all

    it started with an iPhone and from there an iMac for the other half and kids and then a move from pc to mac pro for me. Now I am suffering from new mac withdrawl and have been looking at the sumptuous mac book pro 13 inch or the mac book air.

    Can I ask does anyone own both mac pro and a laptop? And if yes do you find both useful to own and why. To be clear I know this is extavagent but you only live once.



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    Well for one thing if you do heavy video, music, or 3D rendering I would do that on a Mac Pro for sure.

    The notebook is only for doing that stuff lightly, general every day stuff and obviously mobility.

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    Aug 13, 2008
    Makes sense. If I have the power beast at home then perhaps I should go MacBook air to be at the other end of the spectrum. Just had a play on one in bristol. Amazing peice of kit. Any owners want to chip in?

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    I have a pc laptop that just sits around now - it's even loaded with Windows 7. I actually have to dust it today - no joke. This, ever since getting mt MBP 13".

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    I kept my G3 Powerbook for eight years, rather than buy a newer model. I even upgraded the processor to G4 because it was cheaper than buying a newer model.
    I finally broke down and bought a refurbed MB last year due to software limitations, mainly as a result of the switch to Intel processors. Love my MB, but also still love my Powerbook and still use them both because there is software on the older book that I still use. I still think the Pismo was one of, if not THE, best hardware designs Apple ever produced.
    You can get a lot of life out of the Macs you currently have. It's really up to you if you want to buy a new model every time one comes out.

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    Aug 13, 2008
    thanks for the advice all. Santa delivered a macbook air today the 2.13 with ssd version.

    Love it. better looking and more useful than the wife.

    Best regards


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    Dec 03, 2009
    Don't let her see the comment about MBA & her or she will take the MBA for her.

    Merry Christmas!!!


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    the pro is really only useful for 3-d rendering and gaming.

    Video editing, and graphics work relies on the processor way more than the graphics card.

    The 13in macs are good for just about everything you'd want to do.. but if you're doing some work in blender or maya or zbrush or playing 3d games get a pro... otherwise it's not needed.

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