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    Powerbook G4 battery issues
    I have one of the last generation 12" PowerBook G4's which is on its third (I think) battery now, which is almost completely shot. The computer is still pretty solid but the battery lasts for only like 5 or 10 minutes. I'm getting ready to start back to school in January and I'd like to be able to take the computer to class to take notes and to the library, etc., so this is a problem for me.

    So, I guess my question is, should I spend $100 dollars on a new battery or see if I can find a good used MacBook or MPB on eBay? I've heard that buying a new battery for an old computer like this isn't a very good idea since the battery itself would be old since they don't make them anymore.

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    Have you tried calibrating battery here
    and even resetting PMU here in the hope of getting a bit more out of it.

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    Get a new one buddy.

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    Apple is still making new batteries for the 12" PowerBook and older machines made up to seven years ago.

    Order one directly from Apple; don't order one from a third-party store where it might have been lying on the shelf for three years.

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    I have a powerbook in which got a new battery relatively recently. I got a new MBP because its a bit crapping out but the new battery bought from the apple store is treating me well... about 4 hours on a fully charged battery.

    good luck
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