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    MacBook Pro: Dead screen, Target Disk not working...
    To sum things up, I've got what seems to be the familiar black screen of death.
    I put my MacBookPro to sleep, only to find it doesn't want to wake up.
    Pressing down the power button results in some familiar noises and the little sleep light turning on, but nothing else.

    After taking it into the store to have it looked at, the man told me it was a logic-board issue and that the repair would not be covered (out of warranty, no applecare, and he said it was not the nvidia issue). So with a repair invoice of over 1000, I've pretty much lost all hope of salvaging the computer.

    I do however have some files that weren't backup up, that I'd very much like to get back. Should a faulty logicboard prevent me from accessing the disk in target mode? Hooking it up to my work's identical MBP doesn't seem to be doing anything. The disk appears neither on the desktop nor in the disk utilty? Any suggestions? How else can I retrieve files off the toasted computer's disk?


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    In order to use Target Disk Mode, the target disk has to be able to spin up. If your MBP is not getting power to the drive, there's no way you're going to be able to use that method.

    However, all is not lost regarding your data. Remove the hard drive from your dead MBP and place it in an external USB carrier. The carrier has to accept a 2.5" drive and must have a SATA interface. Once the drive is correctly placed in the carrier, attach it to a good machine and extract the data you need.

    Don't give up on the MBP yet. You didn't mention which country you're living in but I assume it's somewhere in Europe? If it's really the logic board that's bad, you may be able to buy one and change it out yourself. Depends on how handy you are with doing something like that.


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