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    I'm confused which MBP to choose

    I'm a bit confused about which Macbook Pro I should pick. Have been reading reviews about both the high-end 13-inch model and the high-end 15-inch model, as well as their low-end versions.

    I thought to get the high-end 13-inch model at first, since the high-end 15-inch Macbook Pro is a bit too expensive for me. I took a look at the mid 15-inch model and it specs look great and also affordable when it comes to the money that I have available.

    I'd just would like to ask if I could play games like FIFA 10 (via bootcamp) on the Macbook Pro 13-inch with no problems and smooth game play, or if I need to step up to the 15-inch mid model? Or would I run into trouble with it too when it comes to play FIFA and other similar (not so graphic intensive) games (via bootcamp)

    Among others, I am also planning to do some photo edits with Photoshop and just the other ordinary things a normal user would do. Check email, play music, surf the web, etc.

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    i run vista through boot camp on my 15" mbp, and it runs games fine, but for whatever reason the computer freezes up sometimes when i play. only happens on bootcamp. if i play the apple equivalent of the game it works fine.

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    Not a gamer myself but from what i have see i think you will be pretty right there playing on the 13 inch ... But for more info check This Thread Out which CodeSamurai has tested quite a few games on a late 2008 MacBook.

    At the end of the day though if it comes down to price, buy the MBP that is comfortably in your price range. In this day and age you dont need to be putting yourself in the BLACK ...

    Dont forget to use the Reputation System if someone has helped you out !!!
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    If your talking gaming, you need to get the MBP with the 2 graphics cards on it. The 9400gt and the 9600gt. You can switch between the two. I use the lower end graphics for web browsing, watching videos, etc. I use the 9600 for gaming. I've played X-plane at full settings with no issues. The computer does run pretty hot though. I don't know if this will become an issue but thats why God created Applecare!

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    from what a friend told me he can and does game on his 13" and says that it handles them fine.

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