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    Blurry text external monitor w/macbook
    I have a macbook that I've connected to my 22 vga monitor via a mini-dvi to vga cable. I have read through the forums and everything is figured out so that my external monitor works perfectly. The only problem is that the text is blurry. I've made sure that the resolution is appropriate, 1600x1050. I have a kvm switch on the monitor because I also use it for my work laptop. When it's showing my PC the text and screen is perfect. But when I switch over to the macbook it gets blurry.

    Any suggestions??

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    a pic would help tremendously

    If you're only referring to the text not being as sharp and crisp as what you are use to in Windows, not going to happen. Has to do with the way the 2 systems render fonts. Here is but one of many articles you can find about it.
    The larger the monitor and the lower the resolution the worse it will be. A 22" screen should have a resolution of 1900x1200. One with only 1600x1050 is not going to be that great under OS X. (Try running OS X on a 50"+ HDTV and see what in my opinion is really bad, especially on a 720p set. It does get a little better on 1080p.)
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