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    Hey...a linux question for mac
    I'd like to put linux (fedora core 3) on my Ibook, is it possible to run a dual boot of linux and OS X?

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    Yes, it is, but I dont know why you would want to. OSX runs a bash shell and everything. Darwin is essentially a more elegent version of free BSD (BSD > Linux > Windows). Just give OSX a real try. I'll bet you will like it more than linux.

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    the search feature is your friend

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    I would go with one of the distros that customizes for Mac's. Ubuntu and Yellow Dog Linux are the two I have used.

    Fedora Core 3 has a release for PPC, but last time I checked it was not considered a primary platform.

    Yes, you can put Core 3 on your Mac though.

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    I have Yellow Dog Linux dual-booting with my Mac OS X fine on my iBook. I missed the challenge of being thrown straight into the action and having to learn how to do everything yourself, like I had to with SuSE for a while when my PC failed to install Windows XP. Sure, Mac OS X is based on Linux so you would ask what is the point. Well, with Mac OS X, I find it pretty hard to not always revert to the easy path when I do things and since my uni lecturers have recommended that we try out Linux more, I have decided that the only way I can become more Linux-literate is if I spend more time on a proper Linux OS.

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    Thanks for giving me the info. Is there a website I can go to that will take me step by step in installing linux and OS X?

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    I do not know of one for Fedora Core 3. A quick google turned up this though:

    Fedora Core 3 on a Mac is not a straight forwards thing though so caution is in order.

    If you want to try Gentoo (somewhat advanced), Debian (middle of the road), Yellow Dog (middle of the road), Ubuntu (simpler than most), Ubuntu Live CD (simple) let us know and we can try and point you in the right direction.

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    imo id go with ubuntu as its the latest distro to take the linux world by storm if you will also it seams that you get the good parts of debian with out the hassle of installing and out of date packages

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    Yea, Ubuntu would be the easiest to install in my opinion. I dunno whether this applies to Ubuntu but with YDL, I had to install Mac OS X first (after I had partitioned the HD into 2 using Disk Utility) and then install YDL because if you do it the other way round, Mac OS X's bootloader overwrites YDL's bootloader and therefore, you won't be able to select from either OS at boot-up.

    The installation of Ubuntu should be easy enough on it's own though. Just follow the easy installation instructions. Download the Live version if you want to test it out first without installing anything on your Mac.

    Also, I don't think any of the current PPC Linux distros support Airport Express properly so you will probably have to use an USB wireless adapter if you want to use wireless on your Mac. A network cable is fine though and you shouldn't need to configure anything on your distro.

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    Fine, I will conceede my point. Alot of CS courses require you to use Linux, and many people still prefer it for some reason.

    Yea, as previously stated, avoid PPC Fedora. Just go to Ubuntu's site and download the ISOs for mac. Also, Ubuntu has a great program where they will send you free CDs of the OS (they pay for shipping and CDs).

    Anywho, Ubuntu is essentially a simpler to install version of Debian with some extra bells and whistles. Go Ubuntu!

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