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    Oct 18, 2009
    DVI to VGA cable for 13" Macbook aluminum?
    Okay, so I was unaware of the differences of an older Macbook and the newer ones (specifically the VGA cable port). I have a BIG presentation coming up in two days and thought my professors cable would work or fit. Today, during draft presentation, I was stumped... and realized that it would not fit as the aluminum's port was smaller.

    I'm not gonna do on all the details of where I live but let's just say that NO store here sells apple products... NONE. I ordered mine. If I did order the right converter, it would take 6-7 days to arrive at the LEAST. What should I do? I've heard of USB to VGA converters, but then I'd only have a day to find one of those.

    I'm screwed aren't I? And using another notebook is not an option, it could be if worst came to worst but right now I am looking for a solution.

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    Oct 18, 2009
    By the way, I've learned my lesson (and this is my first sem in college too) so I wanna be prepared next time and order mine now for future presentations.

    Anybody know the right name for the 13" aluminum's vga converter? I wanna look it up on ebay. I know it's not the mini-dvi to vga.

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