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    what do you think of the 4gb RAM upgrade for the latest macbook?
    Hello guys what do you think of the 4gb RAM upgrade for the latest macbook? is it worth it? I am not well versed with changing or installing hardwares on my own so I am wondering if an upgrade of 4gb RAM and 500gb of hardware is worth it. Thank you.

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    Yes, the RAM upgrade is worth it. But, you shouldn't be afraid to install additional RAM yourself. Really, it is a no brainer.

    The larger hard drive is a question in my mind. I'm the kind of guy who has never filled up a hard drive in his life. But, I don't store movies or lots of high res photos or even extensive music libraries. If you collect data like that, then I suppose a humongous hard drive would make sense.

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    The RAM is definitely worth it.
    I use Photoshop and it makes a huge difference when I have more memory installed. And installing the ram yourself is no problem. Apple even has a guide how to do it. MacBook: How to remove or install memory just be sure to choose the correct model. To see that you installed it correctly (sometimes one doesn't push it in far enough) check the About This Mac window under the apple menu to see if the all the ram (Memory) is showing up.
    As for the harddrive that depends if you plan on storing lots of stuff on your internal harddrive.
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    I was a wondering the same as you. Also, peeps keep saying that its so much cheaper to upgrade yourself with Crucial memory.. but here in the UK at least it seems just as expensive and way more difficult! It costs 69 extra to buy a macbook with 4G than 2G (it is 11 cheaper from HI discount I think).. and perhaps memory costs more on the UK Crucial site?

    Anyone know if it is poss to upgrade yourself in the UK with good quality RAM for much cheaper than 70??

    I am also undecided on whether to get 4G.. I think I do sometimes go above 2G on my windows vista.. but who knows if SL uses more or less or the same RAM?

    Whoa, but I wouldn't need 500GB HD space!! What do you need all that for? Video editing/storing? At the mo I have filled up 160GB nearly so 250GB should be nice

    To be fair I also have a 250GB external HD filled up and another 250GB filled up on a desktop at home but over 160GB of that is duplicated back up stuff and old video edits from A level media studies.. Essential stuff is much less than 500GB..
    It would have been nice to have room for all my friend's movies I guess

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