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    How to change display settings on broken screen
    I dropped my 13" Macbook a few months back and busted the LCD screen. After buying a screen and unsuccessfully installing it, I gave up. Recently I've been trying to use a monitor as a display device for it but I'm having issues. I couldn't see the full screen on my monitor so I connected it to my TV and it worked fine. Then I made the mistake of messing with the display settings. and now I have a display on the TV screen that flies top to bottom constantly, like a V-hold issue. When I connect it to the monitor, It shows just a generic Mac background, even though it is booted.

    So what I need to do is change the display properties blindly. I'm not sure what it was set at before but I started clicking away at random icons when I couldn't see anything and I guess I disrupted the reverting back timer. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    It's a shame to lose a computer that was only about 5 months old when I first dropped it...

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    Nobody has any ideas? So I'm screwed basically?

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    Went thru similar handsprings with a Mini and a incompatible resolution on a LCD screen. Only suggestion is to try another LCD that you have set up on someone else's MacBook then connect to to yours see if it will boot into that res. Fortunately i had MBP to check things out for the Mini that i was struggling with.

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    Thanks, I think it's actually kaput. Now I have it on another screen and it shows only the factory startup picture with nothing else and stays like that. I guess it is definetly fried

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