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    Macbook won't turn on
    One morning when I came to turn my macbook on, it wouldn't turn on. The hard drive, fans, and sleep light come on, but the screen remains black. I've tried every fix that I can find, such as resetting the PRAM and power settings. The battery is fully charged and the power adapter works. Does anyone know what the problem is, or should I take it to an Apple store?

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    I would hope by now you have, taken it in to the Apple Store as they would
    be your best bet .. hopefully its under warranty..

    Otherwise it could be a multiple of things ... bad back light .. bad video chip, bad memory,
    or even bad logicboard.. there is a lot that can go wrong.. sorry .. I know how I would
    feel if that happend to my MBP
    Ce's GeekBook PC guru wana Be turned Mac geek

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    Got your original system disc? Please don't say no!! Pop in disc one and see if you can run Apple Hardware Test in the extended mode and see what is reported.

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